COVID 19 – Finding Social Connection during a Pandemic

During this Pandemic we are noticing a huge increase in loneliness and depression. Our mental health clinic sees thousands of patients per year and has 18 doctors that work 7 days a week. We are noticing the isolation that is being created by COVID 19 is wreaking havoc on our communities. From schools, to church groups, to sports teams being affected. What can you do to prevent this isolation?

  • Zoom meetings
  • Facetime / Skype / Googlechat instead of phone
  • Social distancing tailgate parties – just make sure you’re 6-8 feet apart!
  • Social distancing walks
  • Movie nights / Drive in’s are back
  • Working out with friends on Zoom
  • Game nights online
  • Self study time – Get to know yourself
  • Journalling
  • Music time

These suggestions are just a few of what our patients and doctors are finding helpful at the moment. If you know of other suggestions reach out to us and we will add it to our page.

Dr. K

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