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Triple Credit - CME - 39 Credits in 1 Day

Approved for 39 AAFP & CFPC CREDITS

Approved for 39 AAFP & CFPC CREDITS


Weight Management for Primary Care CME

  • Learn the 4 Pillars of Weight Loss
  • Learn from experience - Dr. Kaler's personal journey of losing 130lbs 
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Our course is evidence-based
  • Change behaviours and get lasting weight loss
  • Bust Weight Loss Myths - such as calories in = calories out

Dr. Norry Kaler


Weight Management for Primary Care CME

  • Learn Obesity Management from Evidence Based Dr. Kaler MSc, MD
  • Learn from Experience Dr. K's personal story of losing 130lbs
  • Practise NOVEL Effective Obesity Management in your clinic
  • Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Eliminate Weight Loss  MYTHS - (Exercise/Calories in =out)

Dr. Norry Kaler

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What You Get

Bust Myths

Bust the MYTH about Obesity & Weight loss. Most doctors and health care providers don't know how to treat obesity correctly.  Drugs & Surgery are NOT the answer.

Learn from the Best

Learn from Experience - Dr. Kaler Lost 130lbs himself and has kept it off for 6 years. He is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about obesity management 

Time and Money Saved

Save upto $10,000  by coming to our triple credit course.  Your time is money and we respect that. That's why our courses are always on weekends.

Help patients & Help Yourself 

Learn for patients and yourself - while you help your patients. Learn to eat better and get healthier today.

Trillions Saved

Let's save our health care systems trillions of dollars by working at managing obesity with simple techniques that we discuss in our CME.

Thankful for your support

Support Kids & the OWL POD Foundation. Your money goes to a good cause. Helping kids with medical conditions and terminal cancer get their last wishes.

What you’ll learn from Dr. Kaler MD

The 4 Pillars of Weight Loss



The key staple that all books and programs miss - learn proven strategies that work to change behaviour.



Learn how to eat properly, how hormones are devastating your obese patients and how certain foods you tell them to eat are making them heavier.



We are social beings and we eat when we are sad, happy, calm….all the time.  If our supports are not healthy how can we expect  ourselves to be healthy?



Cardio? Resistance based? Steps? Fitbit? Make exercises easy. This is not the key to weight loss but plays an important role in health.

Owl Pod has partnered with Dr. Jason Fung MD - Author of The Obesity Code

What Patients & Participants are saying


Dr. Kaler is a dynamic speaker and his experience with weight loss has been almost magical. He inspired me to help my patients with the 4 pillars that no one talked about in medical school. How did we miss this basic learning?  This course is a must. 

Dr. Aasim Malik


I’ve lost 54 pounds and counting. I always have struggled with weight loss but the accountability Dr. Kaler provides is what I need. He has the tough love approach and I need this. He helps reset my mind and taught me that my real battle is with my social networks. 


Age 72


Dr. Kaler’s course has shown me how important mental health is to every facet of a patient’s life. If we can help patients with their mental health we can help them not only with weight loss but with changing their behaviour about other parts of their health. 

Dr. NK


I lost over 100 pounds with Dr. Kaler and it changed my life. I used to smoke, eat garbage, and never believed in any weight loss programs. I’m healthier now than I have been my entire life. I did my first hikes in the mountains and have so much energy! I’m a grandma and I want to be around for their wedding and to be able to play with them. 


Age 61


Dr. Kaler is a Passionate speaker and explains his four pillars approach from experience which I found powerful. 

Dr. Nathalie Debruin


I’ve lost 67 pounds and I have seen functional medicine doctors and spent tens of thousands of dollars and I can’t believe I learned this from a doctor who didn’t charge me a cent. Dr. Kaler taught me how important mental health is and that my main issue was that I was eating the wrong foods with the wrong emotions. Now I know how to treat myself and when to back off. Now I fish for myself. Even when I’m down and struggling I’m able to maintain my weight loss.  


Age 62

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We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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We use encrypted SSL security to ensure that your credit card information is 100% protected.